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24 March: National Day of Remembrance, for Truth and Justice

Post date: 23/03/2022

On this date we remember the coup d'état of 24 March 1976, which lasted until December 1983 and led the country to the most cruel military dictatorship in its history. During this period, massive human rights violations against the civilian
population were committed: arbitrary detentions, executions, torture, rape, infant abduction, forced exiles; attacks on civil, political and trade union liberties; censorship and persecution of all kinds.

Since democracy was restored in 1983, Argentina has walked a long path in relation to memory, truth and justice, and reparation of the crimes against humanity committed during the military dictatorship. Today, 46 years after the start of one of the bloodiest dictatorships in the Southern Cone, the tragic and massive violations of human rights has left a painful lesson which has resulted in the international leadership role played by the Argentine Republic in the promotion and protection of human rights, constituting a State policy which impacts on all public policies and is one of the fundamental pillars of Argentine foreign policy.

Argentina’s current human rights agenda has been strongly based on the eradication of impunity for the crimes against humanity committed over the course of this dictatorship. The Argentine society continues to work to heal the wounds of this sinister period in our history, always pursuing the objectives of memory, truth, justice, and reparation.

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