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Invest in Argentina

Argentina presents great opportunities for investors interested in agroindustry, energy, mining, infrastructure, biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, teleccomunications, tourism, manufacturing, etc.

To find detailed information on legal framework, tax structure, infrastructure, and any other necessary information, please visit the “Where in Argentina” web platform, provided to investors by the Argentina Investment and Trade Promotion Agency.

"Where in Argentina" is an interactive tool which systematizes different data to facilitate access for potential investors to the characteristics of the different productive sectors across the country. Available in English and Spanishm the map gathers detailed information on:

1- Tax structure by activity and province.
2- Economic activity by product and by sector.
3- Logistics infrastructure: geolocalization of ports, airports and industrial parks.
4- Energy and rail transport: map of the the electrical network, rail network and energy and minig resources, elaborated by the National Energy Ministry.

"Where in Argentina" is available at the following link: http://www.inversionycomercio.org.ar/en/