Embassy in Australia

Visit to the Reactor built by INVAP - 10th. Anniversary Celebration.

On Friday, the 23 of April, 2016, H.E. the Ambassador of the Argentine Republic to Australia, Mr. Hugo J. Gobbi, accompanied by officials of that Embassy, visited the research nuclear reactor OPAL located in Lucas Heights, near Sydney.

The next 12 of August, 2016, will be the 10th. Anniversary of the installation and start-up of the reactor.

During the visit, Dr. Adi Patterson, CEO of the Australian Nuclear Science and Tecnology Organization (ANSTO), as well as the other authorities of this Institution, pointed out that the reactor was one of the best in its kind, and praised the design, the construction, and the advice delivered by the Argentine company INVAP S.E. in all stages.

Mr. Patterson also highlighted that the reason why the Argentine company won the international tender was because it had submitted a proposal that fitted perfectly with the Australian requirements. On the contrary, other proposals and other companies just had stated that in order to perform the three main functions (applications for medicine, industry and research and development), they would need at least two reactors instead of one.



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