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The Embassy of the Argentine Republic is inviting all interested parties to participate in the Public Auction of one (1)  Toyota Lexus ES300 model 1997 – LXS – Grey, Sedan, with manufacture Date: 12/1997, Engine N°: 1MZ0523276, Stock N°: ML.881170 and VIN N°: JT762XV2000104074.

The base price established is AUD 2,500.

Appointments for viewing can be scheduled by phone (02 6273 9111 ext. 253) or by e-mail eaust@mrecic.gov.ar.

Register for auction will only be available for offerors that have viewed the vehicle. Once the vehicle is inspected, each interested party will be handed the special bidding terms and conditions to participate in the bidding. This process will take place From January 31st to February 28th 2019.

Last registers and offers will be received up to 17:00 February 28th 2019.

Inspections or other valuations can be scheduled, but all costs will be incurred by the offeror.

It will be understood that, before presenting its initial offer, the offeror has made sure his bid will include exclusively the amount to pay the “Embassy” for the sale of the vehicle Toyota Lexus ES300 model 1997, and that, in addition, he will have to cover all other expenses, including any transportation, freight, or any other expense or cost that is required for the sale process of the vehicle. Likewise, all taxes and sale expenses, registration fees, certifications and others will be incurred exclusively by the winner of the bidding process.

The initial offer must be equal or greater than the established base price.

Register for auctions and initial offer presentations will be received by e-mail or post.

The verbal bidding will start with the base price or the highest initial offer presented, whichever is highest.

Only offerors registered for the auction will be allowed to bid.

A deposit of 10% of the total amount will be required either by bank transfer, cheque or cash at the moment of winning the bid.

All offerors are encouraged to visit the Embassy’s website: http://www.eaust.mrecic.gov.ar/ to find out more information.

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