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Meeting on women leaders at the Foreign Ministry

"Building a society that offers men and women the same opportunities and possibilities of realizing their potential as people, professionals and change drivers is only possible if we do it together," the Deputy Foreign Minister, Daniel Raimondi, stated recently as he opened the 3rd Meeting on "Women who are doers and inspirers," organized by Fundación Global and held at the Palacio San Martín of the Foreign Ministry.

Raimondi underscored the current role of foreign policy in "supporting the efforts and progress of Argentine women in the promotion of gender equality, working in cooperation with national, international and regional organizations and at the bilateral level."

The opening of the event, which features several panels on gender equality and the role of women leaders in today's society, was also attended by the Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

"Working on gender equality is one of our highest priorities in the City of Buenos Aires. Great progress has been made in the past few decades but there is still a long way to go, and nowadays women are an essential part of the changes we are introducing and play an increasingly important role in our society," Rodríguez Larreta stressed.

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